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Kamis, 05 Mei 2011



Leider ich werde nicht da für die nächste 18 Tage sein.
I'll move "temporarily" to another host family on the other side of Germany. So tomorrow (May 6th 2011), I'll go to Oberkrämer, a small city not so far from Berlin, and I'll live there for 2 weeks. I'll go to a new school, and there I'll be on the 11th grade.

And then from May 20th - May 24th I'll join Berlin Youth Congress, where 400 teenager from 16-24 years old gather and talk about Democracy and Tolerance in Germany. I'm very lucky that I've been given an opportunity to attend this congress (there are only 20 "chosen" exchange students from AFS).

Even though I'm really sad to leave Haltern for 2 weeks, but I'm looking forward for this new experince! Wish me luck, guys!

Liebe grüße von mir!

P.S : Sorry about my English, I know it's bad! :P
2 komentar on "I'm OFF to BERLIN"
  1. really nice blog dala :) put some pictures on it...you got a lot pictures from your europe trip, right girl? keep writing....:)

  2. Insya Allah kak, :))
    Dan terima kasih banyak kak :D