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Jumat, 19 April 2013

Friends will make you smile, right?

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” - Elbert Hubbard

Look at my face! (if you don't know me, just look into the only girl who wore red I <3 Paris jacket, it's me). Instead of looking happy like all people did on the photos, I looked rather sad, right? What happened to me? So if you have much time read (it won't be long, I promise!), then here my story.

So it happened about two months after I came back from Germany. I remembered it was Friday, and it was our regular schedule to clean the entire school on Friday evening (4 - 6 p.m), and our class' duty was to clean chemistry class, biology lab, and physics lab. Well it seemed many, but we just had to clean the terrace and not inside the class.

Gloomy face ._.
Here what happened: I went there happily, especially because I could meet my classmates and we were happily cleaning the school, but I didn't know why, as the other started to chatter and talked to each other, I just felt a little bit "Germany sick". It seemed like yesterday that I was in Germany, but now I was back to my old "new" life. Everything seemed so monotone, like everyone was worrying about our national examination and future, and I started to miss my hostfamily and my daily routine there, my school, Joseph-König-Gymnasium, my friends, the train, my AFS friends, our trips, Jordy and Annisa and how we used to meet almost once a month... There were a lot of activities that I knew it just happened one year in my lifetime, and there would be exactly the same thing that happened. It was just sad....

I looked so gloomy, and my classmates realized it. They started to ask, "Hey, what happen to you?" or "Why do you look so sad? Is there something happen?" My biggest weakness is if someone asks me why I look so sad etc etc, I can't hold it. I become sadder and sadder, and then it took me a while to realize that I already cried.(I knew I was a bit melancholy, but I guess exchange students know how I felt). I could sense some people became a bit panic and started to question me why did I cry.Then I told my roommates, Ila, who was also in USA for an exchange, that I missed my host country, and how things used to happen. I didn't remember correctly what did she tell me (sorry Ila ._.v), but the point was, it's normal for someone to miss their host countries especially us since we were (back then) fresh returnees, and so on. And then, to cheer me up, they danced, a bit silly, but it made me laugh.

Look at their poses!
I was really happy that they were willingly to cheer me up and made me laugh. That's what friends for, right? Maybe some of you have forgotten that day, but since I have some strong memory (well, just kidding XD) but for me it was a moment to remember, and thanks that now we have such a modern technology (read : Camera). I was looking at some high school photos when I saw these pictures. Once again, thanks to my beloved classmates, XII IPA 1 :) Ich freue mich schon, euch wieder zu sehen :)
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