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Senin, 07 September 2009


Okay. The date I wrote this thread was September 7, 2009. And it meant, 20 days left for holiday. Deep in my heart, I didn't want this holiday over. Why? Here are some simple reason why"

1. There isn't any internet connection on SMUDAMA, so I will not able to open my pottersworld.
2. I really love my home. I mean I can go anywhere and anytime.
3. My Ramadhan's homework haven't finished yet.

So that was three simple reason why I didn't want this holiday over. Now, I was stress thinking about that Homework, especially Indonesian Language homework. The teacher (Pak Adi) ordered us to made a proposal, but each person had to had different proposal, and even it looked a simple problem, but actually it wasn't as simple as it looked.

But besides that, I really miss SMUDAMA. Sometimes I felt I wanted to go there soon and met with my classmates, my roommates, and the other of SMUDAMA's personil. I miss my friend, and I missed shared my story with them, laughed together. I really missed that time, and I couldn't wait to go there soon.
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