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Jumat, 19 Februari 2010

PILOT 2010

Hey! So here I was now, sitting on the GPI and waited for the debate prelim III result. Was I one of those debater? NOOOOO!! I wasn't a debater any more, I was new-reader. LOL.

So Pilot, or we could say Perisai English C0ntest was the biggest English competition ever. Yeah, that's true. There were lots of contestants from other region. There were some from Soppeng, Toraja, Barru, Pinrang, and any other regions. I was glad to join competition again because it was my third time to join the competition.

I joined News Reading contest. From debater, I was transferred into news-reader. It was a very long story and I wouldn't tell you about it. It's a secret. Sorry XD. First time I joined news reading contest was last year on Perisai 2009, and fortunately I was on the third place. And then, I joined news reading competition on CHESS in SMAKARA, and I was on the FIRST place. I was so happy at that time.

But now, I saw there were so many talented new people in Pilot, and I got a kinda nervous and I lose some of myself confidence. The best way now was praying, and I hope I can win. :)
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