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Senin, 07 November 2011

Between School and Future

So helloooooo, after long time I decided to write something on this blog. But before I started, I wanted to apologize because I was a bit busy for the past few months. So now here I came with some things to tell you guys about.

I am now on my 12th grade, well let say my last year (finally, yeah!) of school. As you know I should have graduated last year if I haven’t gone to Germany. I believe I’ve made a good choice because one year in Germany worth it, even if I must repeat one year of school.

Now that I’ve came back to school, I do have some concern about my education. I concern about many things that I’ve learned on the 10th and 11th grade which I’ve forgotten (most of it, believe me). I am afraid I couldn’t catch up with things and become the most stupid person in the class. In Germany I was on the 9th grade which the lessons’ difficulties were much below (except when I was on the 11th grade at Hedwig-Bollhagen-Gymnasium, Velten, it helped me a lot with Integral!).

When I started to study again together in school, I realized I was right, but I was also a bit wrong. I did miss some lessons, but I could catch up with the present lessons we learn (even Bio, believe me!). We have written some tests, and I haven’t gotten most of it. I’ll tell ya when I get it.

Your future takes precedence over your past. Focus on your future, rather than on the past.

Now, into the next concern. FUTURE! Now I still have about 5-6 months to think where I should register myself and where will I study. I am totally confused right now. I got a scholarship in President University, the only English-speaking University in Indonesia, it isn’t a bad University, but I am afraid. Should I take it? When I take it, it means I can’t sign up in any other universities because my parents have to pay some money. @_@ I think I need time to think and I’ll tell you what will happen next.

So until next time and wish me a good luck!

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