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Rabu, 18 Juli 2012

Between Tenth November Institute of Technology and Germany

Hii.. Es ist schon lange seit ich hier letztes mal irgendwas schreiben. Also, seit nicht alle von uns Deutsch sprechen können, würde ich dann auf Englisch sprechen (weil nicht alle Indonesisch sprechen können, Google Übersetz hilft nicht so).

It's July now and it means the holiday time is almost over. Thank God I passed the Uni-entrance exam (although I passed on my second choice) and my days as Senior High School student was over. Well, my dad gave me a tough choice between studying in Tenth of November Institut of Technology (that's in Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia) and studying in Germany. Those days were difficult to pass by because I was confused and I needed to think about it seriously from deep inside my heart (okay, I'm exaaggerate a bit). After thinking about a week, and after receiving the test result that I passed the test in Surabaya (which only 96 people from thousands who have registered), I decided to study in Surabaya. When I told people about my decision, they asked the same question; WHY?

So here what I thought.

Tenth November Institut of Technology

  • Located only about 1,5 hours with airplane from Makassar, which means my parents could visit me anytime they want, and I can go back to my hometown everytime I have time.
  • Not expensive, only Rp1.800.000/Semester (about €150)
  • It's one of the best University in Indonesia
  • I pay 1.350.000/month for a room to live (about €120, that includes electricity, water, air conditioner, cable TV, Wifi, near campus)
  • I have some friends who studied there (eventhough they are already on their 2nd year)
  • I still need to learn Religion and some other lessons
  • It's one of the hottest city in Indonesia (they almost have no cloud),
  • Not really safe (thief and robbery)
  • No public transportation to the Campus
  • They speak Indonesian with different accent that I used to speak in my hometown.
  • My host family is there (number 1 reason)
  • Studying there is my dream since I got back from Germany
  • They speak German!
  • Well, it's Germany! You can get a very good job if you graduated from there
  • It's clean.
  • Easy to go everywhere, especially abroad.
  • People will think that it's cool to study abroad (it's a silly reason, but yeah, I thought about that too because many people think I'll go back there, especially my teachers)
  • It's safe.
  • No ghost (well, as I was in Germany I didn't believe that Ghost exist)
  • I need to go to Studienkolleg, that means I graduated 1 year longer than people in Indonesia.
  • In Studienkolleg I will only lear 4 subjects for the whole year (Math, Deutsch, Physics and Chemistry)
  • It's expensive in Studienkolleg (Rp30.000.000/semester - about €2700)
  • It's expensive to live in Germany (dont know how much exactly it costs, but I think it's aboout €500-€1000/month)
  • Far away from home, I don't know if .I could get home every holiday
Okay, so I hope you understand if I prefer Indonesian than Germany. But my mother made me promise to finish my study soon and continue my study in Germany, since it is my father's dream to see me get a degree (either Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral) from a University in Germany.

So that's my story, don't hesitate to ask!
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