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Selasa, 06 Oktober 2015

Summer 2014 : Hello Luxembourg!

Finally I have found the muse to write again (well for this time).

So I'd like to tell you briefly about my one-day adventure in Luxemburg. The disadvantage of writing it one year after your journey is you almost forget everything. I admit that I am regretting it right now (shame on you, my muse!)

So back to the story.

Luxembourg was not on my list on 2014's summer destination. It's simply because I didn't know what to see in that city, and how to get there. And since with Eurailpass I could only choose up to 4 countries and Luxembourg is a small country, I was afraid it might not worth it (but in the end I didn't go to France so...) Fortunately IIK-Dusseldorf offered a few field trips, and of them was to go to Luxembourg! The other option were Amsterdam and Brussels, but I've been there 5 years ago (didn't want to waste my money to visit the same place (well except later with my future husband :p or my family).

So there was an opportunity to visit Luxembourg without having to find the transportation and where to go. So why not? The price was 45Euro, and I thought it was okay for one day (sadly no lunch included!)

We gathered at Dusseldorf train station at 6. There were only about another 40 students, but none was from my class. I was quite sad that time because I didn't know anyone, but I went with the wish to find new friends. The journey took around 3 hours, and we arrived there at 10. (to be honest I slept almost the whole journey haha).

Hello Luxembourg!
We had the tour guide, I forgot the language of the instructor, but it was probably in English. Of, we were lucky because Luxembourg city had an event that day, it was called "Luxembourg in Summer". When we came they were just starting to prepare the stage, but after our tour the music started. So we were divided into two groups, and here I met new friends and I spent the day with them! Because IIK was a language institution, our language level was quite varied, so most of the time we spoke English.

the preparation hasn't finished...


Luxembourg is a rich country, but it is very small. It' has the highest GDP in EU. The tour guide explained most people spoke Luxembourgish, as well French and German. Luxembourg has only about 500 thousand people... well, my hometown has a lot more than that...

So we began our tour, but somehow in the middle of the journey we lost the tour guide (at Notre Dame). (sorry couldn't explain more about the tour hahaha). At the end of our tour we managed to have a group photo.

Then, it was free timeeee! We headed back to the city center, where the music began to play at the stage. And guess what? They gave us free ice cream! And we ate 2 of them (it was summer, so it was normal to has 2 sticks of ice cream, right?) Then we explored a tiny bit of the city, and separated at lunch. I had Doner Kebab because it was Halal (and also affordable). I really wanted to buy some souvenirs but it was expensive T.T After that we were exhausted and decided to stay around the city center. And guess what? The city offered us free wifi ( I wonder when there will be "Jakarta Free Wifi", "Makassar Free Wifi" or "Surabaya Free Wifi" hahaha).

We went back at 6, and arrived around 9.

It was one amazing experience, beside I got to know people from another part of the world. That's one of the advantage of going (or signing up) alone.

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